23rd of March 2014


a little comic dedicated to a friend

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22nd of March 2014
I was tired before I met you. I am still exhausted now - it isn’t from lack of rest or coffee, it’s a strain that I feel pulling on my tendons and tightening the fibers of my eyelids. I am fatigued from life; from the pressure I feel building in my lungs.
I am tired of people, but my stomach aches in the empty rooms and in the silence they echo. 
8th of March 2014
28th of February 2014

Fear on We Heart It.

Dialogue: Is More Than Once


When you have a problem with your parents, the pastor, the boss, the teacher, the blogger, your friend —

Most of us try talking with them once, and then we give up. Me included. We presume the initial reaction is the whole reaction, so we walk away furious or frustrated.

But one discussion…

28th of January 2014
16th of January 2014


Charmaine Olivia, 2020

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15th of January 2014
12th of January 2014
A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other. 
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11th of January 2014
5th of January 2014

Hyperrealism with pencil and ink” by Karla Mialynne

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15th of December 2013
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